How to Monetize Your Sports Copy

You’re a sports copywriter or have been assigned a sports copywriting project. Presumably there are 2 primary reasons why you have been assigned the task, to bring traffic to the page or to sell something (are there ever any other reasons?) Bringing traffic to your page is for another day, another article. Today , we will focus on some ideas to monetize your sports page.

You only sing when you’re winning

Now there’s a catchphrase which contains a truism. Generally speaking one can group sports fans into 2 main categories, the never say die and the fickle, but both have something in common and that is both types of sports fan, metaphorically speaking, sing when their winning.

When they are singing and winning there’s a good chance they will buy something related to their team or the specific event you’re writing about. If your sports copy is related to a team or individual you have many opportunities to exploit a winning occasion in your copywriting. Here a some of them:

  • Promote clothing or apparel related to the team or event.
  • Offer tickets or reservations for the next event.
  • Invite your readers to subscribe to a newsletter specifically about the team or sports person.
  • Promote a betting affiliate so the fan can place bets on their favorite team or player.

It is usually best practice to choose one thing to concentrate your copy on. You can however, use more than one of the above (if not all of them) on the same page, but in a lesser, direct focus. For instance, a newsletter subscription box placed in the side-bar or a ticket reservation link in the copy. Here are some sports copywriting ideas, Good luck with your writing.